Ceremed is compliant with FDA Quality Systems Regulations. Our robust R&D, technical, and developmental support provide a pathway to innovation for polymer-based medical devices. We have the expertise to design, develop, and manufacture products to meet the specific needs of the marketplace.

Conceptual Design

As experts in the field of implantable polymers we strive to create a tangible plan for design that exceeds expectations in time, performance, and cost.  We can nurture an idea from its inception by executing the necessary research, feasibility, and risk analysis enabling us to create product specifications that can guide the project into the development phase.

Product Development

The widely versed and experienced team of scientists and engineers at Ceremed is able to offer unique solutions to product development needs.   The knowledge and expertise we possess, coupled with our fully equipped research and development facility, allows us to move quickly from the prototype phase to technology transfer.  Our approach streamlines development, enhances performance, reduces cost and increases reliability.


Ceremed is experienced in manufacturing polymer based medical devices with quality and efficiency, giving our products the competitive advantage. Our medical devices are manufactured to meet stringent standards, providing consistency and quality performance.