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AOC® polymer is Ceremed’s proprietary technology that combines well-known, biocompatible alkylene oxide copolymers. Our extensive experience with this unique water-soluble material enables us to design and develop applications that meet clinical needs.

AOC® polymer is versatile and can be formulated to have a variety of handling characteristics that vary in consistency from a grease like substance to a hard wax, a viscous fluid to a solid sheet. These features make the polymer ideally suited for a wide range of medical applications. Our technology has been applied to a number of commercialized products with a marked success within those markets. In addition, our proprietary technology is currently utilized in the development of our pipeline products.

The key to the success of the AOC® technology is its unique combination of characteristics.

  Dissolvable Anhydrous Formulations
  Non-Inflammatory Utilized in FDA Cleared Medical Devices
  Non-Swelling Extensive History of Safety
  Full Range of Handling Characteristics