Core Values

To provide the global medical community with superior polymer solutions to improve patient quality of life.

Ceremed's mission is to become a leading research and development company focused on the design of innovative polymer-based medical devices for surgeons and ultimately patients. Using our unique expertise and manufacturing insight, coupled with invaluable input from the medical community, we are able to design, develop, and manufacture breakthrough medical devices that improve the standard of care for better patient outcomes.

Our mission for Ceremed focuses on these key values:

  Innovative Development
    Ceremed strives to continuously excel through novel ideas and product innovations.  We foster an environment that enables our team to think dynamically, act creatively, and pursue passionately.
    A sense of community permeates our work environment as collaboration is the status quo.  We realize shared goals by building consensus through the development and exchange of ideas both internally and externally. Each team member brings a unique perspective to the company, which cultivates an environment that encourages cooperation and teamwork to accomplish objectives.
  Quality and Customer Satisfaction
    Unparalleled quality and customer satisfaction are vital to our sustained success.  We strive for continuous quality improvement that encompasses the entire company, with long-term goals to exceed our customers’ expectations.